Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS) contracts with municipalities throughout multiple counties in New Jersey. As is occurring with shelters nationwide, PAHS too has become overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of animals, especially from the City of Plainfield and, particularly, its dogs.

Since PAHS prides themselves in offering the best animal care/control services to its covered areas, the magnitude of the influx from Plainfield has created an untenable situation. For example, in 2022, 65% was attributable to Plainfield, exclusively.

PAHS’ space limitations have created logistical and financial burdens, such that PAHS’ contract with Plainfield is insufficient, covering less than 40% of its, PAHS, costs of services. In fact, the monthly deficit is running at approximately $28,000. PAHS is passionate about their mission to give every pet a safe place until they find their forever homes, but it must have sufficient revenue to operate and serve municipalities other than Plainfield. To meet its financial needs, PAHS is not just reliant upon town contracts, rather a significant portion of revenue comes from donations, grants, and PAHS’ year-round fundraising efforts.

As a result, on September 12, 2023, PAHS will be issuing a 90-day Notice of Termination, thereby ending its contract with Plainfield. This decision is based upon PAHS’ deep concerns for the animals and the quality of its operations. PAHS will assist Plainfield in seeking alternatives.

PAHS truly appreciates the support of the Plainfield community and hopes for its mutual understanding of this difficult situation, for PAHS, and for the animals under its care. Irrespective of the cessation of our contract, PAHS will continue efforts to maintain good relationships with Plainfield, on-going.

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Angela Murray 201-220-3190

Mission: Plainfield Area Humane Society is governed by a volunteer-based Board of Trustees. PAHS is run by a small staff dedicated to finding animals their forever homes. Their mission is to find a safe, loving, and appropriate home for every homeless pet, including those with special needs or challenges. They strive to treat, heal, and provide optimal well-being for the animals placed in their care; and to create an environment where our animals receive love, respect, and attention.

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