Honor Your Pet With a

Light of Remembrance

Every December the Plainfield Area Humane Society hosts “Lights of Remembrance,” a tree lighting ceremony to celebrate pets (living or deceased); each light on the tree represents a beloved pet remembered. ♥

If you would like to honor or remember your special pet(s), please look for our Holiday Newsletter during the fall season and complete the LOR form, or you can contact the shelter for more information. Your name and the name of your pets will be posted on the LOR roster on our website.

The tree lighting ceremony takes place on the Plainfield shelter grounds with a very special tree known as “Emily’s Tree.” Emily was a dedicated volunteer whose love and devotion to the animals at the shelter have been an inspiration to all, and in honor of her memory, the lighting ceremony will always take place on December 6, Emily’s birthday. We’d love to see you there!

LoR 2021

LoR 2020

How This All Began

Lights of Remembrance, established in 1992 by founder and Chairperson Sandra Campbell, was originally known as the “Tree of Love (TOL),” a project to raise funds for the then Somerset County Humane Society, located in Branchburg, NJ. From those humble beginnings, raising money for a small, independent shelter, the project grew and changed its name to Lights of Remembrance, Inc. (LOR), and began raising money for two different shelters, one of which was the Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS).

In 2004, in an act of supreme generosity, Sandra and Barry Campbell and the board of LOR, Inc., turned over the Lights of Remembrance to the Plainfield Area Humane Society. PAHS now receives the benefit of all contributions, and in addition, owns Lights of Remembrance.

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