Employee Matching Gifts

The matching gift program is a great and easy way to double your support of our animals and community. There are many companies that match charitable as well as volunteer hours collected by employees.
Ask your employer if they will match your contribution.

Employee Giving

Quite a few employers offer employee giving campaigns that allow employees to make contributions to a charity of their choice through payroll deductions. Ask your employer if PAHS can be added to their employee giving campaign.

Event Opportunities

Many companies, as well as individuals, choose to support Plainfield Area Humane Society by hosting events at their companies and places of business. These fundraisers are great for the community cand can take many forms, all of which assist in our care of animals in need. Let us know about it so we can support the event via social media.
Individual events can be Facebook fundraisers, birthday parties or partnering with a local business to provide a financial “giveback” to PAHS.

If you are not looking to throw your own event, reach out and ask how you can be a sponsor for a PAHS event. Show your community that your business supports PAHS

Donation Drives

Donation drives are a great way to liven up the workplace and boost team morale.They can be held in the office or virtually. Check out our amazon wish list for ideas on some of our most needed items or just give the shelter a call!

What we offer in return

Marketing opportunities and/or Brand Visibility
Companies can be featured in a variety of ways such as through our social media, website, on-site signage/materials and at events.

Unique Experiences

Private tours, branding/promotional opportunities, Volunteer days and other opportunities upon request.

Click here to learn about becoming a sponsor today!!


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