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The Cost of Love

Become a friend and exclusive member of Plainfield Area Humane Society by donating $1,000+.

Since 1933, the Plainfield Area Humane Society has been uniting pets and their people. We care for nearly 600 animals every year, and take pride in giving every animal the opportunity to find its forever home. We offer extensive veterinary and rehabilitative services for these homeless pets, without a predetermined length of stay. We spay, neuter and microchip every dog and cat prior to adoption, vaccinate, test for and treat several diseases. Our dedicated staff cares for all our animals seven days per week, fifty-two weeks per year. All this adds up to a considerable budget of more than $350,000 per year. It costs nearly $1,000+ per day to operate our shelter!

If you want to join the 365 Club, please call us at (908) 754-0300 or email

Your generous contribution will be permanently recognized on our website, if desired.

As a special thank you for donating at this level, you will receive an embroidered fleece jacket, commemorative lapel pin and a key ring to proudly show your membership.

You will also experience the satisfaction that your contribution kept the shelter running an entire day!

The cost to run PAHS shelter for one day $1,000
You'll support 5 days of PAHS $5,000
You'll support 10 days of PAHS $10,000
Support 20 days of PAHS $20,000

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